All Water Systems Water Purification Facilities

All Water Systems provides complete water treatment systems and solutions.  We offer facilities tours to demonstrate our wide range of pilot systems and in-house services.


Our design department utilizes state of the art programs to capture and understand your application desires and requirements.  This is where your water treatment system solution is developed from design to complete implementation plans and schematics that choose the right equipment and the right installation methods and maintenance programs.

System Building:

Our facilities are designed so that we can fabricate your system in house with control over the quality and project time needed to deliver your system on time.  Our large production area allows us the space and inventory to have the equipment on hand and ready to build and test the entire system.

Testing Area:

Before any system is delivered to a client, we carefully test the unit in key critical areas to ensure that all functionality is at optimum performance and that all seals, valves, and pipes are adjusted accordingly.

Service and Repair:

Over time, every system will require service maintenance and repairs.  We offer a dedicated service area large enough to work on several units at once.  In addition, we have arranged our space to best house all of our commonly used equipment for easy access keeping your repairs and service on track and on time. 

Membrane Cleaning:

Our membrane cleaning service has its own area dedicated to not only cleaning your reverse osmosis membrane but also allowing for the pre-test and post-test performance of your membrane.  We provide the expected life of your current membrane. 

For more information about our facilities and services or to schedule a tour, please call us at (412) 824-6560, or click here to contact us.