Self Cleaning Water Intake Screens

Automatic strainers are used in basic solids removal and act like a screen to capture solids while allowing water to flow through the system.  These strainers use a series of different sized screens to trap solids starting with larger diameters and moving to smaller screens to allow for the best water flow.
Self-cleaning water intake screens and strainers are effective in preventing debris from clogging pumps and other components of a water filtration system, allowing those components to work at maximum efficiency.

How Self Cleaning Screen Filters Operate

Single Unit – Intake water enters the screen area where solids and particulates accumulate on the screen surface.  These solids are removed through an access port and the screen is cleaned physically by water jets, brushes, or soaking.

Multi Units – In water filtration systems, intake water enters the screen area through the backwash valve, and the solids are deposited on the screen.  Backwashing is accomplished by opening the backwash valve, which shuts off the incoming water, and at the same time, opens the backwash port to a near atmospheric condition.  Filtered water from the adjacent units is forced backwards through the screen, cleaning it and forcing the particulate material out of the backwash port.

Our 30 plus years of experience enable us to help you select and or design the right strainer system to meet your water and application requirements.  We have worked with a wide range of industries and have the ability to understand your complete usage and water requirements in order to offer the most fitting water system solution.  We back that system with supplies, service, and unmatched support.

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