Laboratory Water Purification - Deionization Systems

Laboratories from schools and universities to chemical manufacturing facilities require high purity water in order to conduct analysis or perform critical processes.  Typical ionized water may contain ions or minerals that can interfere with laboratory tests or lessen the quality of the final product.  Laboratory water purification provides a deionized water filtration system that removes the ions in regular tap water.

All Water Systems has a broad range of experience designing and installing laboratory water purification systems as well as providing laboratory water supplies to the scientific and education markets and other industries.  Today’s diagnostic and testing labs have increased their level of measurement accuracy and require water purification that can also meet their need for accuracy.

Laboratory water purification provides a more neutral water that can help improve the accuracy of specific scientific tests without being affected by the minerals in ionized water.  The benefit of laboratory water purification is the advanced level of high purity water needed to conduct critical experiments and processes with improved results and accuracy.

All Water Systems  is unique in that we take the time necessary to fully understand your water requirements like the amount of water used in a given time period as well as the level of water purification you need on a consistent basis.  We believe that the more we know about your business and how you use water the better we can provide a long term solution.

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