Water Disinfection Systems

A water disinfection system involves the removal of impurities and/or the killing of pathogenic microorganisms in water systems and actually prevents microorganisms from returning or growing back. The sterilization process is similar to disinfection except that all microorganisms are destroyed.

Depending upon the industry and applications, water purity must be achieved not only for health and safety reasons but for the quality of the water in the final product.  Impurities can contaminate water which in turn may cause undesirable effects in chemical processes or even finishes in glass and electronic applications and products.

Water disinfection can be achieved using a physical disinfectant, ultraviolet light or a chemical disinfectant, ozone.  The agents used also remove organic contaminants from water which may serve as nutrients or shelters for microorganisms.  All Water Systems offers both ozone and ultraviolet disinfection systems for a variety of systems and solutions.

Water Disinfection Systems

Using our over 30 years of industry experience, All Water Systems can help you to determine the right water disinfection system that best fits your water usage and water quality requirements according to your applications.  We can help design, install, or service almost any model or make, and we specialize in emergency service and rentals.

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