Water Purification Filtration Case Studies

All Water Systems is proud to present the services and solutions we provide.  But take a look at some of the actual applications and case studies we have created over the years. 

Manufacturer Utilizes Disc Filter Technology to Prevent Spray Nozzles From Clogging

A Western Pennsylvania manufacturing facility was experiencing frequent clogging of spray nozzles critical to the rinsing and cooling of their product.  The consequence of the clogged nozzles was a manufactured product that did not meet specifications resulting in rejects.  Manual cleaning of the nozzles was frequently required to open the orifices and put the manufacturing line back in service.

AWS worked with the plant manager and operators to determine the specific contaminants, and demands of the system and specify the most efficient method of filtration for their application. A disc filter was installed as a sidestream filter for the sump that supplies water to the spray nozzles.  The disc filter removes the particulate and prevents clogging of the nozzles and as an added bonus, helps the cooling tower (also fed from the sump) to operate more efficiently. 

The disc filter was chosen over other technologies due to the following benefits:
No consumables (cartridges, bags, etc.)
Automatic backwash based on differential pressure
Minimal backwash volume


After installation of the disc filter, clogging of the spray nozzles no longer occurs.  The manufacturer has eliminated product rejects due to not meeting specifications resulting in increased profits.  Production downtime is eliminated as nozzles no longer require manual cleaning to maintain flow.  As an added benefit, the cooling tower efficiency is increased as well.


Specialty Metals Manufacturer Utilizes High Purity RO Water to Eliminate Costly Material Rejects

A large Western Pennsylvania Specialty Metals Manufacturer was experiencing product rejects due to deposits that resulted from cooling/cleaning water sprayed on the metal during the manufacturing process.  The high level of dissolved minerals in the feed water left various deposits on the metal and it no longer met the strict specifications required of their finished product.  Because this was one of the final steps in the manufacturing process, there was a significant cost incurred when the product was rejected.

An analysis of the feed water and of the deposits identified the specific contaminants that were the root cause of the problem.  Deionizer Exchange tanks were used to provide a temporary pilot system and confirm that removing the dissolved minerals from the water would eliminate the deposits.  Once the deionizers were proven, water samples were run on the RO System Analysis software and confirmed that treatment with reverse osmosis would meet the water quality requirements.  A Reverse Osmosis system with pretreatment was designed to provide uninterrupted high purity water to the existing manufacturing equipment.  Special consideration was required to fit the equipment within the available space.  Controls were added to allow the customer’s equipment to control the operation of the water treatment system.  Point-of-use quality monitors were added to allow operators to confirm the treated water met the required specifications. 

By treating the cooling/cleaning water with reverse osmosis, product rejects due to deposits have been eliminated resulting in more products and increased profits.  Overall production has been increased and downtime eliminated.  Positive feedback from the customers end users has increased dramatically.




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