Water Purification for Industries

For more than 30 years, All Water Systems has provided water purification solutions and services to a wide range of industries ranging from heavy industries to semiconductor and biotechnology industries, just to name a few.  One thing that hasn’t changed is our commitment to providing our customers with high quality, state-of-the-art water purification equipment along with timely, efficient service.

Water Purification Industries We Serve:

Heavy Industries / Steel and Power Generation

Glass Manufacture and Coating

Chemical Manufacturing / Petrochemical

 Food / Beverage / Dairy


Plating / Coating / Finishing

Biotechnology / R&D / Medical



Many mills and industrial plants require clean treated water for internal operations.  Water sources such as rivers and wells are used along with municipal water.  Water is used for thermal transfer operations, chemical mixing, product cleaning and other applications. Typically the available source water supplies used for process require additional treatment to meet the purity standards necessary for a specific application.
For example, high efficiency filtration of cooling tower water reduces very fine solids and scale formation which improves heat transfer efficiency.  Removing dissolved minerals using ion exchange processes improves boiler feed water and heat transfer efficiency, while also extending boiler component life and reducing energy costs.  Deionization technologies produce high purity water for the stringent steam applications found in power plants and co-generation facilities.

By understanding customers' specific needs and building relationships with them, All Water Systems provides cost effective solutions for the steel industry, power generation, and other heavy manufacturing applications.


As a leading water technology company, All Water Systems is the preferred supplier to the area’s many glass production and coating facilities, presenting numerous company sponsored seminars for industry specialists.  AWS works with operators and engineers to design and supply systems that meet the unique application specific requirements of the glass industry.
Removal of suspended, as well as dissolved solids, within the cascading bath systems used in the cleaning process allows water to be reused.  High purity water systems using reverse osmosis and/or deionization among other technologies are designed to pre-rinse and final rinse glass and dramatically reduce or eliminate coating rejects.

The glass production and coating industry has long been an advocate of water treatment technologies.  From day-to-day operations of the facilities including many boilers and cooling towers used for oven operation to the final rinsing and cleaning of glass prior to coating, treated and purified water is a critical ingredient.


In the chemical manufacturing and petroleum refining industries, water is a vital plant utility.  As high efficiency production becomes increasingly vital, the quality of plant water becomes more critical.
For more than 30 years, All Water Systems has been working with plant engineers and operators to design and supply systems that meet the specific requirements of the chemical industry.  By offering continuing service and technical support, AWS maintains a leading position in the high purity water industry.

Raw water pre-treatment, boiler feed water, condensate polishing, and cooling water filtration are typical industry requirements.  All these applications require carefully designed systems to meet the water quality standards necessary to maintain peak production.  Proper water treatment also reduces maintenance costs for boilers, cooling towers, pumps and other process equipment.


Ultrapure water is essential to the proper fabrication of integrated circuit boards in the semiconductor industry.  Used as the primary cleaning agent for semiconductor wafers, water is in constant contact with these surfaces and must be free of all impurities to allow for the highest product yield.
Utilizing state-of-the-art technologies and equipment to produce customized turn-key ultrapure water systems, All Water Systems is the vendor of choice to the semiconductor industry.  With well over 100 years of combined expertise in the water treatment industry, we have provided a multitude of ultrapure water treatment systems within various high-tech industries.  By working closely with our customers, we are able to address specific needs in many unique industries and then supply the appropriate water technologies to meet customer requirements.

Complete turn-key systems including reverse osmosis, degasification, deionization, ultrafiltration, and disinfection are designed for each facilities specific application.  Ion exchange regenerations are done in-house at our Pittsburgh facility using our two state-of-the-art regeneration plants.  Critical industry services including consultation, design assistance, installation, preventative maintenance programs, and 24/7 emergency response are an integral part of our commitment to customer support.


All Water Systems has devoted significant assets into staying on the cutting edge of water treatment technologies, keeping pace with the rapid advancement of the research and development sector.  By developing complete water treatment systems as well as individual components, AWS can provide turn-key solutions or address specific shortcomings within an existing system.  With years of practical experience in the R&D Industry, AWS is the clear leader.

Over the years AWS has developed, installed, and maintained many turn-key high purity water treatment systems.  Employing state-of-the-art instrumentation and controls, our systems provide the accuracy and repeatability required in the biotechnology and medical industries.  Individual technologies such as deionization, reverse osmosis, and ultraviolet disinfection are combined or used separately to customize systems for specific customer requirements.

The R&D Industry uses high purity water systems to standardize product development and ensure consistent quality.  AWS not only provides R&D systems, we follow the project through to provide production scale water treatment systems which maintain the high quality standards developed during the research phase.


The food and beverage industries require water purified beyond the standard municipal water supply.  As an ingredient in beverages water is critical to providing consistent quality products.  Water used in the processing of food products must also meet strict standards for purity.
Ultraviolet purifiers play a key role in microorganism destruction for food and beverage production.  They accomplish this without heating or introducing any chemicals into the water.  The removal of dissolved solids from process water using reverse osmosis or deionization technologies is critical for producing consistent quality products.  Beverage or tea formulation and ice production all benefit from using high purity water.

Beverage and food product producers consider All Water Systems their preferred source for water treatment systems and service.  Along with state-of-the-art technical solutions, All Water Systems continues to provide the personal service and support required to keep our customers competitive in today's fast paced economy.


A key critical ingredient used in the Plating/Coating/and Finishing Industry is water.  Water used for cleaning products prior to coating requires purity levels well above that of standard municipal supplied water.  This purified water is essential to producing flawless finishes on all materials and increasing overall yields and customer satisfaction.

Water softeners and filtration remove hardness minerals and particulate from initial cleaning baths to increase the effectiveness of cleaning detergents and aid in quicker drying times with reduced deposits.  Reverse osmosis systems and/or portable exchange deionizers provide high purity mineral-free water for rinsing and plating bath preparation.  From cascade rinsing to plating bath preparation, AWS has the appropriate treatment system to meet your specific requirements.

All Water Systems is a leading supplier to the Plating/Coating/and Finishing Industry with numerous applications in the automotive, architectural, lead frame, and decorative industries among others.  By utilizing proven technologies specific to each individual application, AWS tailors water purification systems to customer requirements.

We have listed just some of the industries we provide water purification solutions. If you don’t see your specific industry, please call (412) 824-6560, or click here to contact us online.